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 forgotten knowledge, goetia, goetic, magick, occult, king solomon, conjure, ritual, lemegeton
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Welcome to the Forbidden Knowledge website we are glad you found us. There is a vast amount of knowledge on this site so please feel free to look around leave comments on anything you liked or would like to see on the site in the future. Just let us know by contacting us.

The Information Directory has alot of basic occult information for beginners as well as advanced persons. We will always be expanding this directory so  it is a continuing growing section.

The Knowledge of Solomon section contains books of the Lemegeton as well as useful information as revealed to us by King Solomon.

The Library contains many books on different subjects there are over 500+ books at the present time and more to come in the future. We are currently working on putting them up.

The Download section is a mix of fonts, programs, ect... fun stuff to play with.

Please also visit the Stores and Links section for all of your other occult needs and to help support this site.