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 forgotten knowledge

Humankind made the discovery of fire somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000 years ago. We learned and evolved into a species determined to harness the energy and power of the flame. Through the ages, it was the Witches and Mages that studied the properties of fire and wax. The candle dates back to some unrecorded time before the Greek City States. Candles were lit and their light used to illuminate the altars of the Gods and Goddesses of the Old World.

Today candles are used in modern ritual work, but are so often given a passive role. Few practitioners know the true powers of the candle and many only use it as a light source. The power of the candle can greatly enhance your magical workings. When you use candle magic, you are initiating change in the Universe, being either constructive or destructive in nature. The universal energies are themselves neutral, and are therefore neither good nor bad. How you use your magic will shape the type of energy that is rendered in the end.

Always remember the rules of Karma and work your spells in a positive light. The rule of three should always be followed, especially when dealing with candles and the fire elementals. It is said that matter is neither created nor destroyed, but constantly sped up, slowed down, reshaped and broken apart again. To use your psychic potential, and visualize the energy in your mind, is to take control of that energy. Using candles and your mind in conjunction with color, oils, herbs and moon cycles can make a spell unstoppable! You are the greatest tool to use with your craft!

Candle Rules

Always smother a flame that is to be extinguished before the candle is completed its burning. Never blow out a flame. This is considered extremely rude to the fire elementals.

Always try to light a candle from the flame of a perpetually burning source. If this is not possible, use a lighter, but never a match. Phosphorous and sulfur are used in destructive, negative magics and can greatly influence your candle operations.

Always use a new, fresh candle when starting a new rite or spell. An old or broken candle will not hold the energy of a new one. A candle that has been used before has already been energized and dedicated to a task.

If a candle goes out on its own - do not relight it. Either your magic is concluded or your spell was done improperly and you need to begin again.

Remember to keep yourself, your belongings and your surroundings safe and protected from fire hazard when working candle magics.

The Language of The Candles

A candle is composed of elements of Earth, Water and Air. Fire and Spirit are added when you visualize and light the wick. Now all elements are present in the single candle form!

Visualization is the power of will to give the candle specific energies in accordance with your desires. Some say that the aura or halo that comes from a burning candle is the divinity itself, achieved by the caster. This is the Spiritual Level.

The flame of the candle houses a living salamander - the fire elemental. This represents the soul, the spirit's transcendence of it's own divinity. An unlit wick represents the human potential by which transmutation is made possible. The candleholder represents the reality of our perceptions and what is needed to sustain us here on Mother Earth.

The language of the candle is expressed by the movement of the flame, the wafting of the smoke and the burning and snapping of the wax. Once you light your candle, free your thoughts and focus on the flame. Watch the dance and take note of the rising smoke. Listen to the wax crackle as you begin to visualize your intent.

Here are the signs when watching the candle's flame:

Strong Flame
The power that you are calling forth is moving into your desires for manifestation. This strong flame shows strength in the user or object of the spell.
Weak Flame
On a figure candle, this could mean that the subject is loosing the battle. This can also show that you are facing strong opposition and your magic may have to be repeated to be achieved.
Jumping Flame
This can indicate explosions or bursts of energy being transmitted. Raw emotions or chaotic energies could be at work. An argument could be taking place or a heated discussion.
Rainbow Flame
If your flame is composed of various colors, the elemental is communicating with respect to the color codes. Meaning that the energies are so strong that the corresponding color on the spectrum is manifesting in the Salamander (the flame).

Here are the signs when watching the candle's smoke:

Northern Movement
Something physical is manifesting. You will have to work for what you wish to achieve.
Eastern Movement
Something mental is manifesting. Think things threw and have patience in situations.
Southern Movement
Something intense and short lived is manifesting. Success comes rapidly and with intensity.
Western Movement
The manifestation of strong Magic intervention. The issue is too emotional. You are too involved - step away for a time. Clear your thoughts.

Here are the signs when listening to the candle's sounds:

Infrequent noise, soft
Pure thoughts. Intimate conversation.
Frequent noise, mild
An Authority figure giving orders or directions.
Frequent chatter, strong
Arguments, quarrels or loud disagreements.

Colors and Candles

The conscious and unconscious human expression to color goes to the level of our souls. We use color to understand and relate to emotional and spiritual states of being. Candles work with the same respect on visual and vibratory levels of evolution and being. The colors of your candle will directly correlate with the type of magic workings that you are attempting to achieve. The following is a list of basic colors and their uses.

RED - health, energy, strength, sexual potentcy, courage, willpower

PINK - love, affection, romance, awakening, healing, togetherness

YELLOW - intellect, imagination, mind power, creativity, confidence,
gentle persuasion, action, attraction, concentration,
inspiration, sudden changes

ORANGE - encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, sudden
changes, control, power, change luck

GREEN - abundance, fertility, fortune, generosity, success, renewal

BLUE - truth, inspiration, wisdom, power, protection, understanding,
health, harmony, patience

PURPLE - success, idealism, psychism, progress, honor, divination

BROWN - finances, influence, concentration, balance, intuition,

BLACK - reversing, binding, discord, protection, releasing

WHITE - purity, truth, sincerity, higher power, wholeness

MAGENTA - has a very high vibrational frequency that works fast, so usually
burned with other candle colours

 INDIGO - meditation, neutralizing, balance karma

GOLD - fortune, intuition, understanding, fast luck , divination

SILVER - victory, stability, meditation, psychism