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 forgotten knowledge
About Us

We are the seekers of truth and meaning, we seek what has been concealed or forgotten. After studying every religion know to man we have found that they lack depth and conceal knowledge. We have come to a point where we realize that its not about one having faith in God (for we know he's there) but other means in to which we can communicate. To communicate with sprits, angels, devils and God himself is the purpose of this great quest, for they truly hold vast amounts of knowledge. Knowledge is indeed the key.

Over the past seven years I have found myself seeking the knowledge and wisdom of King Solomon. I know no man on earth will ever obtain such attributes but truly believe that he has alot not revealed. I do not believe his works were done in an evil manner and that he was a God fearing man, so do not confuse yourself in thinking that this is some form of devilment. This was forgotten knowledge which was not meant to be in the hands of the masses. If you have found this website you are seeking something greater than the mere religion of the masses.

We have decided to create this website in hopes of helping others on their quest as well as receiving help on ours. We have no mentors but ourselves and our books, thus we figured if we create a website to house the knowledge in hopes that others may contribute to it.